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A ShutIt-based tutorial on git rebase.

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Git Rebase Tutorial

This is a realistic interactive tutorial for understanding the basics of git rebase.

It requires you to successfully complete each minitask, so could be used as an interviewing tool for those that claim to know git.

It supports the ability to revert to the starting state at each stage, uses a complete and realistic shell to train you in, and the ability to ask for hints.

Below is a video showing what it looks like to the user.

Install and run

## install docker
##install python-pip (aka pip)
$ sudo pip install shutit
$ git clone && cd git-rebase-tutorial
#'sudo ./' if you need to use sudo to run docker
$ ./

and follow the instructions.

How it works

Under the hood it uses ShutIt to manage the shell and Docker containers programmatically.

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